New Year's 2006


Earlier in the day, Eric and I went to Amvets in search of ridiculous outfits to wear that night. We found this jumpsuite, the picture really doesn't do it justice, but they wanted like $15 for it, which is really a lot of money, especially if you consider you'll just be too hot all night.

This year for New Year's, Who and I went to the Brown's shindig. None of these pictures are very clear, but such is life. The night began with all the Humboldt residents sitting against one wall.

Camera hard at work with her camera.

Tara trying to wrestle Jason's beanie away. I stood by with camera in hand, waiting for the right moment.

With Jason naked and defeated, I handed Tara my camera

And she turned on me!


(You can tell which pictures are mine and which are taken by Tara because I never use the flash.)

I have no idea who this is. This is Jean's boyfriend, Nate.

And Tara herself! I have no idea who took this picture.

Who held down the couch all night. It was a corageous battle.

(This is mine because it's dark and blurry, no flash)

Across the room, Leah was about to put her eye out on the edge of that cup while a dance party was breaking out.

Dance, motherfuckers, dance!

Nate was not so into it.

Krista and Ben break out the big moves.

I look as ridiculous as I felt.

"Watch it, I just washed this dress."

After the dance party, Leah and the boys went over to the other side of the room and told ghost stories.

Meanwhile Who and I sat on the couch watching Who plan his future tattoo, seen here. The next day he went and got it inked so it can be there forever. It's his favorite emblem to put on himself with absolutely no prompting or action on my part.

Somebody put their favorite mix CD on Tara's computer at some point in the night, then everyone went to sleep and it played for hours before somebody finally got up and turned it off.

Those Fukunaga siblings.

I was going to delete this picture, but I rather lied the disembodied leg and forboding black cloud between them. What does it symbolize?

And suddenly, they're all asleep.

All except Who and Paul and I, that is. We stayed up all night talking. Who and I left shortly after the sun rose.

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