Natasha's one year clean party

A lot of these pictures turned out really screwy, and I'm not sure why. I generally remember which pictures I think I've messed up, and I know I didn't mess up this many. I think it was the developing place I took them to; it wasn't my usual place.

Rene got braces (note: that dosen't have anything to do with Natasha's one year clean, but it was in that same roll, so I'm putting it in here)

This was everybody at Natasha's one year clean dinner.

Natasha and Caroline posing with a horse

People messing around

Natasha at the head of the table
On the left we had Paul Greene, Caroline Conlon, Jerod Of The Cult Of The Unknown Last Name (Kathryn's boyfriend), and Kathryn.
On the right was Dan Leake, Shannon O'Dell, Karl Balch, and Josh Stuart
At the end it was me and Jon Cross, but I didn't get a picture of us

Paul got this sausage with his meal. If this is not a phallic symbol, I don't know what is. So we made him eat it on a fork, as opposed to cutting it up

Karl is civilized
But not civilized enough to resist the temptation to make things with the utensils

Josh took a picture of some guy

They asked Natasha to stand on a chair so we could all sing "Happy Birthday" to her. She didn't seem to like the idea.
She did it anyway, though

After the dinner, all the chicks went over to Natasha's house to spend the night. Anyway, everybody who was sleeping on the floor (read: everybody but me and Kathryn) were fighting and stuff. Anyway, this is Natasha and Shannon

I gave Natasha's mom's boyfriend, Chuck, my camera so he could take pictures of everybody first thing in the morning

"What camera? I don't see a camera"

Shannon on her guitar

Natasha and Shannon

For special occasions, Natasha's mom Chuck, always do something screwy to her room. This time it was smiley faces. Natasha did not share their joy.

We knew in advance that we were all supposed to dress nicely for Caroline's confermation, but none of us had known in advance that we were gonna go, so no body had any nice cloths. As a result, Natasha had to dress us. For a brief period, we were threatening to wear these really old dresses that Natasha's aunt had given her. This is Shannon in one such dress

Natasha and her mom

In Shannon and Natasha in Natasha's bathroom

Caroline before her confermation

Us before with Caroline beforehand.

There was not one preist, but THREE!!! Collect the whole set

Caroline did the first reading

Shannon singing

This was during the confermation, at the part where they ask "Do you reject Satan and all his empty promises?" ect. You can just see the top of Caroline's head, so I circled her.

Caroline getting the priests' blessings

This picture turned out kinda screwy, but it was also from her walking away from the above scene

After the thing, we went to the Dennies in PB, and it was really gross. There was shit on the back of my spoon, the waitress was slow, there was shit in the soup. But Shannon and Natasha were so hungary that they ate it anyway

You know how you see people who think they're all cool because they're smoking? I blatantly mocked them by pretending to smoke a tampon

After we went to the gross Dennies, we wandered around PB, and tried on these really little dresses.

I was getting sneeky

For the picture of Natasha and I, neither one of us would leave our little box, so I crawled under instead

There were these cool guitar playing bums

We made a bunch of fake porno pictures.
Here's one
Another one
I think this is the last non-specific one
Natasha and Shannon having lesbian sex