A Christmas visit with The Angel Of Death

Natalie had a Christmas party, and of course I only had like two pictures left, but she had a digital camera that we were messing around with. Then she got this crazy idea to put on a bunch of black make up and pink eyeshadow, so that's why she looks scary in some of these pictures.

From Natalie's stairs looking down at Shannon, Billy and Natalie
The camera didn't like me, so I passed it over to Natalie briefly, and she took a picture of Billy and I.
No body expected this picture, but that is part of the art of photography: to scare the shit out of everyone you take a picture of.
Natalie doens't like this picture, but she sent it to me anyway, I think it's cute. This wasn't taken at Christmas, but she sent it with all the Christmas pictures, so that's why I'm including it.
A wholesome picture for the whole family.
KC, Natalie, and I. Natalie just loooooooovves this one
Billy persists that he's not looking at Natalie's boobs, but not even Jessie believes him.
Again, this wasn't in taken them, but Natalie sent it to me with the other ones, so I'm just gonna tack it in here. It is Jessica McDonald, just in case you care.
Billy snapped this picture when we were expirencing technical difficulties with the camera. Again, Natalie just looooooooooovvves it.
Finally! A picture Natalie really truely loves!!!
This was in the digital camera too, but it was there before we messed with it. I think it's actually a plate or something, but we decided it looked more like spit flying through the air.
We were looking at all the pictures that we didn't take (Natalie said they were from Thanksgiving) and there was just gift basket after gift basket. It was insane. There were probably about fifty of them. Anyway, we finally got to this one, which isnt' a gift basket. I think in reality it's a Christmas tree under a stained glass ceiling, but it looks like the universe ripped open through a chrurch or some other such place with stained glass. I'm still intrepreting the symbolism.
I wasn't sure what to call
this picture, and I'm not sure how to describe it.E-mail me if you can think of a good caption, it looks like it needs one
I took a couple of pictures from the top of Natalie's stairs, and she looked oh so graceful in one that I had to throw it in