Natalie's Going Away Party

We went to this park while Natalie was getting voice lessions, and was stuck in the house. Anyway, there was also some group having a bible reading

A rabbit we saw

Stephen becoming annoyed when he was unable to capture the rabbit, or even come within a radius of twenty feet.

Billy playing guitar on top of a hill

We had Natalie's cousins or niece and nephew or some other such young relative with us, and this was a bunch of people playing Duck Duck Goose with them.

A bunch of people hoping to get a ride back to Natalie's house from Karl

Jon and Karl wondering off into the woods (When I originally took this picture, it looked like they were leaving the party to go makeout or something, but seeing as I have a heart, did not caption it as such)

Christine teaches me how to dance

Jon went for a ride in the trunk of Karl's car

Jon's arm, sticking mysteriously out of the backseat

Jon exiting Karl's trunk.

Jeanette playing guitar

Karl in Natalie's hot tub