Natalie's birthday


I caught a ride with Natalie's friend Lea and some other kids, including Jessie. We stopped maybe 70 miles south to switch drivers.

Tommy has a statue of a most elegant and distinguished bear dressed as a Hobo. Tara adored it with her camera.

Them together.

Oh Hobo Bear.

Driving around with Jon and Kelly. I don't remember why I took this.


Hula man! And Jon and Kelly, peripherally.

Walkin' around.

I really liked this billboard.

USF. Yay Church!

Havne't seen enough of those.

Jessie's jacket was (is) rad.

We met up with Rory outside of Amoeba. This guy was trying to make a living rapping, and Rory put in a request. Here is Rory enjoying his $1 worth of music.

Rory, trying semi-successfully to evade the camera. That sure is a yellow shirt.

Everybody wandered on over to Golden Gate park, where Rory and I rode the carosel.

Rory enjoying a phallic popsicle.

Up at twin peaks. Although I hate the bay area, I have to admire the view.

Tara, capturing every moment, not realizing she is simultanously being captured.

Kelly loves it.

I don't know this person.

Don't fall!

They were filming a movie or something up here, and some lady was all dressed up, maybe like a vampire? Anyway, the people in the background are part of the movie. Jessie's really thrilled about it.

Jessie! Give me back my camera!

Ricky and Jon raced up this hill. It looked like one pushed the other, when in fact one had taken a dive to arrive first. I don't remember who won.

Sushi! Oh so delicious! I was craving sushi for months because of this outing.

Everyone looks so glum, like they've simply accepted their sushi fate.

At the party, Brendan and I spent some time arranging dirty phrases on the fridge. I think this one was his doing.

"shave genital hole" was Natalie's work, and my favorite.

Brendan and I noticed that there were far more terms for female anatomy than male. There were plenty of "labia", "vulva", "cunt" and whatnot, but no "cock" or "testicles", just words like "pole"

This was previously a fridge of sin, but somebody's taken one too many math classes.

Ahh! No idea.


Natalie, blurred.

Getting ready to leave.

It was a good weekend though.

Natalie's yellow house.

Kelly's green car.

Ahh home again. To a burgalarized car.

Missing my CD player, burned CDs, and sweatshirt. I understand the CD stuff, but what they wanted with a sweatshirt reeking of my BO is beyond me.

I took pictures in case maybe the police would care. But they didn't. The weekend was totally worth it though.

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