Moving a couch. And other stuff.


The night before, Eric and I made a midnight burrito run.

I don't know why Who's hiding. I already made him carry the couch outside. Perhaps he fears there is other furniture we want in the driveway.

Sideways sofa.

Who ponders how to get the couch upright again.

With Eric's help, of course!

Ahh, relaxation.

There were many attempts made at getting a picture of the 3 of us together, involing the self-timer and the hood of my car.

Such as this one. I put the self-timer on, and I was pretty sure I'd done it right, but after sitting there for a few seconds with nothing happening, I began to doubt it. Naturally, as soon as I got up, it took the picture. That's why they're laughing.

I thought the self-timer was on, but it wasn't.


My beloved car. Now with new and improved lincese plate.

Who loves his hairdo. And the ghost in my mom's room loves it too.

His hair is officially longer than mine now. I wanted to cry.

A video of the above cat bathing.