I left Arcata to head home for the summer and decide where to go next. If I move again before mid-August, I will have moved 6 times in less than 3 years. Woot!

I had to recycle a good portion of my junky old computer collection. There's more in the back seat. I think we made two trips.

Who's so proud to be here for this moment. It was a moment worthy of the high school gym shirt.

Who and I did something with the car while my mom and her friend volunteered at Eureka's local Democrat office. We went to pick her up, and while waiting for her, we stumbled across this mural, which was rather interesting.

My mom walks too slow. Who is either too well-mannered to speed off past her, or also walks too slow.

This establishment had a "eunyq" way of spelling eunich.

My mom's friends were kind enough to house my stuff in their garage. We were up half the goddamn night cramming it all in.

I rather like that they have protest signs in their garage, you know, just in case.