Morp pictures


The theme was decades, it was very much cool.

The group who came to Morp, me, Chris Price, Natalie Brown, Eric Myers, Casey Whose-Last-Name-I-Don't-Know, and Christine Whose-Last-Name-I-Don't-Know-Either.

Us being stupid

Eric and his sexy date Natalie

Christine and her sexy date Chris

Me and my sexy date, Casey

Before we left Natalie's house

Another one from before we left Natalie's house

Natalie and I

Last one from just before leaving Natalie's house, I swear.

Even before that, a rare shot of Eric with his hair disheveled didn't turn out because Natalie's window was in the background plotting against us.

Christine has this neat indoor window in her house

The self-proclaimed "Future Of Sex"

They had several coolest costume prizes, which the audience theoretically had input on, but was actually whatever the hell the DJ wanted to do. He was biased against Natalie, she should have won.

Eric and Natalie dancing

Christine was swing dancing with this one guy, and they were really impressive. Natalie says his name is Andrew The Showoff

I don't remember what Natalie was doing here