The Monster Truck Rally

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This was the obligitory group picture. From left we have Brian, Garret, Rory, me. The flash decided to screw us over.

Monster trucks! Oh boy!

I don't exactly remember what I was trying to capture here, but I failed.

Of all the pictures I got of the trucks playing gleefully, this may be my favorite because of the silouettes at the bottom. I just think it's creepy.

There was a shitload of traffic, so instead of trying to fight it, we hung around in the empty arena

I can't remember why I took this picture, but it scanned funny and it looked like it was just a floating head. I messed with the RBG values so now you can see more detail, and I wish I'd left it as just a floating head.

After some of the traffic was gone, we just wandered around the stadium for a while. There was this big escalator and since we had nothing better to do, I made everybody go up it. It was off however. This picture was originally of Garret lying down just toward that top of the escalator, but there wasn't enough light, so now it's just sort of mysterious stairs to no where.