Getting a mole removed


My sexy leg! Now with scar in place of the big mole above my knee.

More sexy leg!

I wish someone would explain this flier to me. I think it would be more likely if it weren't so blurry.

The rainbow door! The Queer Student Union held some sort of a "coming out day", and were encouraging people to come out by walking through the rainbow door.

Programming appeared on the board in the lab. Someone seems to have modified that first line.

I don't remember what was with this picture.

Mole now removed, I resist the urge to ignore the doctors orders and peel off the bandage and look at the carnage.


Peek a boo!

Even bloodier at the end of the day!

Now there's a segue.

I killed some time by going to dumb classes and Computing Science Club meetings.

John designing a flier for the t-shirt contest and/or installfest.

The finished flier.

If I recall, Mitchell's writing "suck cock" in hex.

Josh, late as usual. Tsk tsk tsk.

Go slow in the cone zone!

The moment of truth.

Here it comes!

It doesn't look so bad now, but at the time, that was a lot larger than I expected the stitches to be. It's a lot larger than the mole was.

Totally unrelatedly, mini-sharpies? What?

Goat! He lives down the street from my apartment complex. He's not usually this close to the road. I don't know whose he is or why he's there, but he's real close to that goddamn Catholic student community, or whatever the fuck it is, so I always think of him as belonging to them. What a bunch of Catholics want with a goat, I don't know.

Mason, at the Help Desk, not knowing he's being photographed.


Barb, the only one who caught me flashing my camera around. She didn't tell anyone.

More mole removal! It was funny, because I kept looking down at my leg, and going "Hey, where's that mole?" I'd see the stitches, and be like, "I think it was a little higher up than that"

A bunch of CCAT'ers were supposed to be going to this costume roller rink fudge party in Blue Lake.

Ellie and I carpooled, and were rather miffed to find ourselves the only two CCAT'ers in attendence. So instead we went back to my house and watched Star Wars, because Star Wars is awesome.