May Day


Every year, CCAT, Campus Recycling and other organizations have a sustainability fair. I'd always heard it was primarily a CCAT May Day festival, with guest. This year I was working with Campus Recycling, who saw it primarily as their Compost Festival, that CCAT sort of helped with, a little.

Humboldt's fickle weather gods graced us with a sunny day for the group pole dance may pole festivities.

Josh was insistent that after it was over, we unravel the fabric strands as soon as possible, lest someone get pregnant as a result of our pagan fertility ritual.

Whose shoes are these?

Gasp! Josh! You can't just keep leaving your shoes lying around like that. Somebody will walk off with them and your favorite watermellon-inspired sippy cup!

After the May pole dance is when the new Codirectors are traditionally formally announced.

I don't know why I was having camera malfunction here, but I do know that somebody made vegan pizza (sort of seen here), and Tatton set a piece aside for me, and it was delicious.

Before he was a resident, I threatened to make Who have his picture taken with this sign on his next visit. Unfortunately, it was not in a position for me to make good on that threat without some Photoshopping. When I saw they had brought it out for the Compost Fest, I coerced Tatton into posing.

After the may pole, Molly tickled Krystal's ear with a stick.

Krystal cried green tears of joy.

My camera was suffering some form of dysfunction, and immediately after taking this picture, Josh was kind enough to give me his camera for the next couple days' festivities. His picture card was mostly full, but there were a few pictures on there.