CCAT's May Day celebration, 2005


My little army of empty soymilk containers!

My landlord didn't pay for garbage, so I got real lazy about throwing shit away. I finally decided to pack them all in my car with me when I drove home for summer, and recycle them in Berkeley. Well, I pulled into Berkeley and I didn't feel like having to dig them all out, especially since I wanted to make it farther south that night. So I took them home. Final carton count: 53.

Noelle, not wanting her picture taken.

Lisa and I worked the facepainting booth early in the day. We were not provided with a mirror, so I was taking pictures of people, then showing them the picture.

Glenn got a beautiful rose.

I don't know this person, but she also got a flower. Just about everybody got a flower.

Zach, however, got a snake.

Lisa took over for me on the details, because she's a better artist than I am.

down yonder, where the action was.

The finished snake.

Check out those red eyes!

Guy who got a tree

He loves it.

Oh, there's Michael in orange doing sound! Woo!

I interrupted him doing something important. He loves it.

Liz loves it

Jeff loves it even more

In keeping with everyone else there, Jeff got a multi-colored flower.

Until this event, I'd never seen a may pole.

During a lull, Lisa painted my face. I painted my fingers. I look very concerned by this. As well I should be - the next day I had a big red rash right there, in the exact shape of the flower. As far as I know, I'm the only person who had that reaction.

Video of the winding! (Warning: 3.2 MB)

I loved Charles' outfit. He looked like a colorblind drag queen.

They did the may pole wrong the first time, so they had to unwind it (1.1 MB).

Starting anew...

To let? Or not to let?

Bart loves it.

Chris stopped by to say hello and take my picture. Jessie stopped by also, and I'd offered to paint her face, since it was her birthday, but the facepaints had long since run away, and I didn't know where to find them.

Here comes the compost!

Let us all kneel before it.

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