24 hours of freedom

This is how Shannon O'Dell and I spent our last day of freedom.  This was our last meal, at Dennies.

After that we went to a 99 cent store, and went on a shopping spree

This is this Virgin Mary night light we got, have you ever seen anything so cool in your entire life?

This is Shannon attempting to get it down. It was all the way at the top, and we tried to get somebody to come help us, but they were all busy fucking themselves, so we got it ourselves

This is the package. It says "Mary" then in smaller text it says "Let His Light, Light Your Way" could be wrong, but last time I checked Mary was a chick.

We also got this doll we later named Grace. This was Grace before getting her current hair color with Shannon.

This was the little cardboard thing that was on the bag she came in. Notice that she's "Soft'n Lifelike" not "Soft and lifelike", she's "Soft'n lifelike". Eric, Natalie and Kerry will probably be the only ones who will appreciate the name.

I'm Hitler!
This was just before we left for orientation. It was a sad, sad time indeed.