Locker party


The birds were showering in the sprinklers that were on
I was afraid some dumb kid would come along and mess with them, but no one did

My bag of chips gave birth to Natasha's bag. But Natasha's bag lost it's way, and had to be born again

Hey! Potatoe chips!

Gross! Crumbs!
Eew! Greasy!
Just like a science teacher!

We come bearing gifts

Lia and Chris' crotch

The locker party attendees

Stephen helping Chris with his math homework
Typical yearbook pictures

Another model picture of Stephen

Stephen and his Mountain Dew. I have no idea why I took this picture. Maybe someone else did. I don't know

I tripped and scrapped my knee, and had to carry my skirt like a princess
But Sarah Kolterman gave me a cool band aid, so I felt better.

I meant to get Rory drooling, but instead I just got him tilting his head back like he's six years old.

Chris copping a feel off of Schwartzey
And she likes it

Who was kind enough to invite us all to his locker for a locker party, and how does he get repaid?
And now he's been ostrasized
Truly, no one understands the value of a locker party