The Last Day Of School


This was on the third to last day of school. There is a statue downtown of the man who built up a lot of San Diego, Alfred E. Horton next door to a shopping center bearing his name. This statue has somehow aquired the nickname Horny.
(Don't ask me, I don't know...but Kelly does)

Later that day, we went to this Rubios, that was designed oddly. I'm not going to explain the layout so as to make this picture appear rational.

On the second to last day of school, came the infamous PE final. This chick Liz and I go so bored we resorted to putting makeup on me. Anyway, here we are. Don't I look pretty?
Me, made up, with the tiolet.

And finally, the climactic, the Second Holiest Of All Holy Days, the Last Day Of School. We went up to Jess' house and waited till dark, and listened to Jessie sing while Billy played Guitar

Billy and Jay wrote a song called Burning Velvet, which they played for us.

Shannon also busted out her guitar

Jess and her brother with waterguns

We also took to Jess' hammok and swing

We got Jess and whoever else felt like it to push us. In this picture it is John and Shannon. I got out momentarily to get a picture.

They dumped us out several times.

They did, however, get a little out of control and wind up breaking the hammok. With all of us in it. (Note: Later, this summer, the hammok broke again. Shannon and I were in it both times it broke. The second time we were being pushed by Scott, and upon hitting the ground were greeted by Jess' dog.)

Kelly, describing for the camera the tragdy she had just expirenced.

"Ya want a sloppy joe? I made em' nice and SLOPPY for ya!"


Later, under cover of night, we took our text books and went down to the beach. We subsequently had a bonfire, using the textbooks as kindlinng. It was beautiful.

While looking through my freshman math book, Kelly Brown exclaimed, "Look at all these problems!?!?! They make me sick!!!!!!!!".Amen, my brotheren!

An attractive picture of me leaping up and down excitedly while the text books burn.