More kitty pictures than any sane person could want


All 3 cats on my bed. This is something that has not happened in years, and probably will not happen again.

Little Nala was diagnosed with Lymphoma a couple days before I left.

So I squished her head!

Sniffing the camera.

"Please stop taking pictures of me."

Hey! "Don't try and get in bed with us!"

The speed limit in this shopping mall is 8 miles per hour. Not 10, not 5, not 7 and a half. Eight.

Who and got popsicles encouraging us to participate in a contest. However we got different contests.

Who and I watched the movie Ginger Snaps, because I'd heard I look just like the little sister. I didn't see it so much. I'm also told I look like the lesbian from the movie Election.

Since this was a night or two before I left town, and the last time I saw Who for the summer, so I wanted a picture of the both of us. We forgot to get Eric to take it before he left, and my mom was in bed, so we used the time honored method of setting the camera on the hood of the car.

We actually made a grand total of 7 attempts, but these are just the most intersting.

Why yes, I do consider my hair and Who's crotch interesting, thank you very much.

There we go.


Don't torment the kitty!

Quicksilver wins.