Mostly kittens


This isn't a kitten! This is Eric outside Sushi Deli!

He loves it.

And this is giving Nala her pill. Speaking of loving it...

Rubbing her throat to make sure she swallows it. She looks so pleased.

Petting her in a futile attempt to console her.

Frisky! Not running from me, for once.

Her little pink paws never cease to amuse me.


With her big ass

And blurry face

Eric and I went to a thrift store and found beautiful matching little girl outfits. We wore them when we flew to Ohio because we love to wear matching outfits.

The lady behind Eric loves it.

I do a special dance.

That's some cheap sake

More kitty pictures!

That's not a kitty!

The Power Of Three will clean your teeth!

This building caught on fire, and was all boarded and caution-taped off. So it struck me as funny that they should have to put up a sign specifying that they will not be holding previously planned events there. Which is not to say that the idea of a sign making party isn't funny already.

Adventures at the asian market!

Eric loves experamenting with new foods.

I love liknesses of sexy ladies in cocktail glasses.

Eric loves his car.

And my mom loves Benny!

My car up on stilts. Or stilt, as the case may be.


Here's Quicksilver again, in her usual perch.

I think it's so funny the way she exposes her fat belly when she bathes.

I think I was trying to capture her little pink tongue.


Hey! That's my camera strap! Give that back!