Kinetic Sculpture Race day 2


After staying up almost all night at the multi-purpose party the night before, we all made plans to meet at CCAT in the morning and eat breakfast and watch the Kinetic Sculpture Racers cross the bay.

CCAT had been hosting some kids from a CASTL (?), a program similar to CCAT at a Kentucky (?) university. They were hitting the road as we were all descending on CCAT for breakfast. Before they left, they wanted a group picture with all of use. I had never even seen them before, so I felt a little silly being in the picture and acting like I'd been part of their CCAT Experience™, but they requested it.

Sean and Shail arrived just in time to see us all standing around posing.


Zach takes another on the CCAT camera

What in god's name are they all looking at? Your guess is as good as mine.

Rosie and Aaron are here for breakfast, but departing for a bike ride when we leave for the race.

Instead of the usual tall blonde guys with long ponytails difficult to tell apart from the back, we had three!

Turn this way so that we can all see that your hat is an eyeball!

This dock was made of hollow plastic squares. A few times Shail, Sierra and I all started jumping and shaking the whole dock. The other spectators loved us for it.

This ship had a bullhorn with somebody talking about pirates. Some of them were dressed the part.

This cat could open his mouth and, thanks to a strategically placed bullhorn, meow.

Most of all I loved that they gave their craft testicles.

Shail had eggs in her backpack. They met with misfortune. I was trying to get somebody to eat it for breakfast, Josh maybe, but with no luck.

This sculpture did not appear to have power steering.