Kinetic Sculpture Race


My mom flew in about the same time Kinetic Sculpture Race was leaving the Plaza, so on the way back from the airport, we chased them down. We stopped to get some food and meet up with my mom's friend, then returned to watch them struggle over the dunes.

If I recall, this one was called "Extreme Makeover"2

All are gathered to watch the sculptures go over Dead Man's Drop.

The basket with the people in it wobbled freely. It looked like a lot of fun.

Most sculptures were elaborate works of art with 2-4 people powering them, and more riding along side to provide assistance, but there was the odd lone cyclist who was just going along for the challenge (or, "for the glory", as the race's slogan suggests). Depicted here was one such rider, who had to be at least 60. He was having a real time getting over the dunes, but doing much better than I could.

Disco Inferno, which shot fire out of the top of its disco ball, tackling the prevously alluded to Dead Man's Drop.

Leaving Dead Man's Drop in one piece.

The drawback of the fun one is that it didn't seem to handle real well.