Kerr Tower. And some daily humdrum.


I went to see the Violent Femmes a couple days before the Kerr tower expidition began, and it was the worst Violent Femmes show I have ever been to. Either the audio was turned down way too low or the audiences was up to high, because all I heard the whole time was "WOO! YAY! SCREAM! WALJEWEWWEEEE!" I could faintly here that the Violent Femmes were playing in the background, but I couldn't really tell what they were playing. Then they kept blinding the audience by shining the lights on full power at them. If I wanted to go blind and not listen to the Violent Femmes, I could have done that in the comfort of my own home for free.

I took pictures just to have something to do. I kind of liked this one. Normally the Femmes put on a pretty good show, but this was not one of them. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

A week or so later, Who and I made plans with Josh, Lauren and Tracy to go see some movie they were showing on campus for free. We arrived to find it had been cancelled. Fortunately, this chalkboard had been left unerased for our vandalizing pleasure.

The next day, at CCAT's strategic planning event, I documented a very small corner of the huge and detailed poster Rosie made documenting CCAT's history.

Go Rosie!

Finally in Kerr Tower. It is illicit because it's normally locked, but somehow, we got in. John was making noise about taking it over for the Computing Science Club, so I took a bunch of pictures to show the other kids who couldn't be there.

These couches were covered in dead bugs. It was one of the tower's less charming aspects. Ed didn't mind.

Kerr Tower was originally founded to be a spiritual place of reflection and meditation. We were all prepared to argue that computing is a spiritual experience.

John, careful to bump his head on the protruding pipe.

Ed, having no such trouble.