Kelly's art show


I left San Diego a little earlier than I otherwise would have because I got wind that Kelly was her having a big art show. Caroline and Aaron caught a ride with me.

I started the day out video. Why, I'm not sure, but I kept it because Caroline looks so cute.

Caroline was so awesome: there was this homeless lady outside asking for money, so Caroline offered to buy her a burrito. When they got to the front of the line, the lady was sneaky and ordered two burritos. Caroline was on principle annoyed, but simultaneously amused, so she bought the lady two burritos.

We arrived in Santa Cruz a little after midnight. I was having a hell of a time getting in touch with the Browns, who were kindly providing our lodging for the night, so Caroline and I went with Aaron to go buy a new razor. I recommended this one, but he disagreed. I don't know why, it's got lower left attachment which seems to be designed to be inserted into the vagina. Granted, he'd need to find a willing vagina, but what a great pickup line that would be!

We eventually got in touch with the Browns.

Caroline was beat. She'd awakened that morning in Mexico with Aaron and another friend or two of theirs. They rushed back up north to meet me to catch a ride. She was a real trooper about my desire to say up and socialize.

I don't remember if I was aiming for Brendan or the stove, but seriously, check out that stove. Have you ever seen anything so awesome?

Here's Kelly sprawled out on the floor...

And here's Icky sprawled out on the floor looking at her.

Finally, she gets to sleep.

But not for long.

That afternoon we went out to lunch downtown with Aaron and Hanuman.

Caroline's not so sure about this camera-thing.

But she'll play along.

Then we went looking for clothes for Aaron.

Caroline and I waited all goddamn day while Aaron tried things on. There's a reversal of gender roles for you.

Next we went to a thrift store. How I wish this had been in my size.

When we returned to the house, Paul and Chelsea had arrived, and Chelsea was putting the finishing touches on her sculpture for Kelly's art show.

Leah arrived shortly after them from the opposite direction.

Then Kelly and Tara's parents arrived, and everyone scrambled to leave. You may think this picture is blurry, but it's actually because the people depicted were moving so quickly my camera could not capture them.

Once at the venue, people scrambled to put their artwork up. Caroline and I stood around and took pictures of ourselves with the artwork.

As it happened, Kelly's venue was in the same building where Aaron and Caroline had had lunch.

Look, they're movin' all blurry-like again.

It was about this time we mere mortals got kicked out so we could re-enter with everyone else.

I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom, which had a first rate lock.

I must have given my camera to Tara for a little while.

As the band set up, these strange colorful arks appeared in the air.

Pete and Leah did the first shift on the door, and Leah waved around all the wealth Kelly was aquiring.

I paid.

Caroline paid too, but she declined a stamp.

The people enforcing the payment paid also, and were stamped accordingly.

Christine's artwork

Historic Lighthouses of Newport, RI. Apparently they started out with a different name, one I don't remember, but one person in the band objected, while another insisted. They went back and forth for a couple months until finally one of them said, "I don't care if we call it fucking," reading Kelly's shirt, "Historic Lighthouses of Newport, RI!", and the rest was history.

I presume this to be Jen Weisberg. Whoever she was, she was rad. Her songs were cute.

Tara loves the vegan jerky I carry around in my purse for occasions just such as this.

I was introduced to this lady, and I think she came back to the Brown house afterwards, but right now, I don't have any idea who she is.

Will paid.

That sheet? Paid big time.

My forehead paid.

Pete also paid, but that's neither here nor there. What is here and there is that he bought or brought a sandwich of some kind.

Ben and Brendan dancing. Or fighting. It is so hard to tell the difference sometimes.

Brendan must have won, and the thing off screen he's looking at so intently must be Ben's dead body, to make sure he's really dead, and not going to come back to life and finish their dance off.

There are two things I really hate: drum circles and "womyn." Add some Hewlett Packard products to the mix, I think that might just be my personal hell.

About this time a guy came up and said he had no money, but wanted to go listen to the band. There was about 10 minutes left in their set, so we let him in. Apparently once inside he rocked out harder than anyone there, and danced like there was nowhere he would rather be. Then, exactly 10 minutes later, he put his hat back on and left.

Back at the Brown house, we all sat around and stared at Icky.

He was apparently staring at Anistasia.

When the cats ceased to be amusing, we watched some TV. Is that Blanche from the Golden Girls?

Kitty! I think this is Chelsea's cat, but I can't remember his/her name.

Will brought over chips and salsa. Unfortunately, the chips were too wide to fit into the salsa container.

The next morning, Caroline and I stopped at Staff Of Life before hitting the road to say goodbye to Brendan and to eat some pastry titties.

Bye, Brendan.