Joshua Tree


Michael and I met up with no particular plans.

We wound up at Balboa Park, where someone had put soap in the fountain, and my camera declined to focus.

I'd heard of it being done, but I'd never actually seen it.

The lighting was not right for photography.

We wandered around that night and eventually decided to head out east to check out the stars. By the time we stopped at a vista point east of Alpine it was almost dawn, so we wound up watching the sunrise.

And got out of the car to take pictures.

The decision to go to Joshua Tree was pretty impromptu. Michael had wanted to head out there for a while, and we had nothing better to do with the day. We were already like a quarter of the way there.

This was the border of the Salten Sea, some distance west, if memory serves, of Joshua Tree. And no, I don't know what those purple and hazy spots on my lens are.

These houses were apparently built on land that was over the Salten Sea, and gradually sunk in. They were still furnished; we could make out salt-encrusted 1950's-esque appliances in the kitchen. Now only masses and masses of pigeons.

My beloved vehicle!

Just inside the park grounds. Some person had written strange graffiti all over the sign, but it wasn't at the right angle to be captured on film.

This was at the beginning of the trip. Most of it is unpictured. Especially memorable is how fucking hot it was.

It was at least a hundred degrees, and by the time we arrived, I'd already this the 24-hour sleep deprivation mark, so I was getting a little loopy. We eventually found a campground and napped for about an hour.

Eventually we wound up just driving through the park. I was stuck behind some big huge camper with a multi-colored balloon in the back window. Some little kid came and started twirling it around. I said something about it to Michael, but he didn't see what I was talking about. I described it, and he just looked at me like I was crazy. Michael insisted that it had never been moving, all "you got too much sun".

Of course during the course of my description the kid had stopped, and the balloon was stationary. I could have sworn it was, but as soon as it was pointed out to me, the motion stopped, so I figured I was just crazy. But if that was a hallucination, then couldn't the whole camper be a hallucination? Couldn't I just be dreaming, and none of my sensory input be real? Pretty soon I was having this whole existential crisis about, "How do I even know I exist?"

Six hours later, we're leaving Burger King, and he goes, "Oh yeah, I meant to tell you, about the balloon, I was just kidding, I did see it."

While at Burger king, I asked for a water, and they gave me this little plastic shot glass, pictured for scale next to Michael's average size cup.

This was how I learned to carry sun screen in the car with me at all times. I still have that tan/burn line to this day.

Mystery bruise. I'm Jodi, I'm Jodi!

Totally unrealtedly, I found this little friend sitting atop my car the next day.