Hanging out at the Joneses'


Stephen playing the insturment he got for Christmas and blocking somebody's view of Gilmore Girls.

I think I'd made plans with Stephen, but because the other Joneses were living here at the time, I got to see them as a bonus.

Sarah and her friend and Stephen and I went to Trader Joe's. Her friend, Lauren?, was driving her mother's car, and couldn't figure out how to turn the headlights on.

Upon our return, Billy played Stephen's guitar.

We played a game whose name I've completely forgotten that involves a circular card rotator and cards with words on them. You try to have your opponent guess the word.

Then we played the boardgame version of the show I Love the 80s. Billy and Stephen were on the same team.

There was a spot called "The Robot". Stephen kept calling it "The Robit" I made fun of him until he goes, "You know what that's from, right?" I have no idea, but I should have known it came from a movie.