A 2 AM visit from Joe O'Castiglione.


One night I was sitting around, home alone, admiring the cats, when Eric came home.

(That's is not Eric in the drawer.)

He stood in my doorway and said, "Hey, I have a surprise for you." and walked all the way in, and someone followed. I thought it was one of Eric's friends I'd never met. But lo, it was Joe O'Castiglione! Apparently they ran into eachother wandering around Hillcrest, and Eric demanded he come visit me. So we caught up, and it was cool. It wasn't until after he left that I realized how bizarre it was that someone I hadn't seen or heard from in three years just showed up at my house in the middle of the night. But it was cool. It was good to see him.

The randomness of it all made me feel like a little doll, hanging over a huge pit, suspended by but a thin string.

Actually I just happen to run across this scene the next day.

Hang on, little dolly!

She sure looks cheerful, given her predicament.