Jodi's birthday party

June 15, 1999

There was this big playground thing with all these toys and legos and stuff. That we played on for a while.

There was a treehouse that shot things, as well as a castle. This was Kelly firing from the castle

Pete firing from the treehouse

Pete again with one of the little men, whose torso he had turned so that he was backwards

Melinda made Jon give her a piggyback ride

Karl in one of Jodi's shirts

We had fun with the helium balloons

The obligitory picture of the birthday girl with the birthday cake, which was really neat by the way. Somehow they'd put pictures of Jodi in the frosting as the picture. I was very impressed.

Jodi's brother, Jack has these lizzards, who Jess played with the whole time. This is a failed attempt to get one's image on film.

Jack and Jodi also had guine pigs, of which Natasha was not fond.

I was supposed to take a picture of Kelly flying through the air after leaping off a swing, but due to a slow reaction time and a slower camera, I just got a weird picture of her landing.

Pete looking lady like (note: he asked me to inform you the reader of something, but I've forgotten what that is. It was probably something to the extent of assuring you that he doesn't usually look/sit like that)

Meghann Sweeny and I spidering, except that I was mostly cut out of the picture

Jodi's dad put up a big net in their back yard, and we had a lot of sports equipment and were trying to play with as much of it at one time as we possibly could. This is me with a foot ball and a baseball bat, and Kelly fearing for her health and personal safety (actually, I think she was just trying to get out of the way for the picture, but it's much cooler to think she's cringing because of the individual in the packground holding a baseball bat...even if it is plastic).