Farmer's Market with Jodi and Jono


Jodi and Jono were passing through town on their way to a potential job in Eugene. I had the good fortune of hosting them for a couple days.

Krystal's family was in town for her graduation at 3 o'clock. This is her brother. Guess how I knew?

Everybody and their brother (see above) was at the Farmer's Market. I ran into 17 people I knew, not counting Jodi and Jono. Welcome to Arcata.

Most of the people were here to see some band. They were decent.

We ran into Lonny and his friend. I mentioned that I'd spent a fair amount of time trying to convince Jodi to come to Humboldt's ERE department for her Masters. Lonny went on to try and sell her on teaching the agriculture class, but she wasn't interested. Later that day, we ran into somebody who was talking about taking one of Lonny's classes, and Jodi goes, "He's really a professor? I thought he was just flirting with me."