Homecoming 1999


This was taken before Shannon, Karl, and Stephen even left Shannon's house. Stephen looks like he's Shannon and Karl's son.

John, Mary, Shannon, Karl, Stephen and I all went to dinner beforehand. The waiter took this picture without me having to ask. John said that it was their way of saying "Hey fuckhead, stop taking pictures". He gave me permission not to listen to them.

John and Mary (they love this picture)

Shannon and Karl


"And when he had given thanks, he broke the bread..."

I took this as we were leaving the resturaunt. For the life of me I can't remember why ("You know, you've got lots of pictures, but I think you've missed out on documenting your friends' backs")

About the same time we arrived, so did a bunch of our homies. Ashley Jenks was among them.

Schwartzey looked so grown up.

They had these cool stars on the tables, and if you pressed them on your forehead, they would stick.

And then they had this cool lady who looked like Glenda from The Wizard Of Oz, and she sprinkled glitter on people's heads

Her glitter was so magic, it made Karl not look evil in a picture for once.

Patrick Condon


Kelly Purple

Rene Navarro

Shannon Kelsey

Paul Greene

Natasha and Dan

Caroline went with Dan's friend Mike. This is them with a bunch of homies.

Shannon and Karl, making themselves at home

Rene Navarro again

Rocco and Rosalyn, whose name I may have misspelled.

"Look, I've dragged Shannon here and made her miserable! Boy am I proud!"

Mary Kelly is glad she shaved her armpits.

Shannon Kelsey is so sexy.

Shannon O'Dell and Karl Balch

Shannon Kelsey and Michael Burkeheart (I have no idea if I spelled his last name right or not).

Karl is a bop

It's a bird! It's a plane!

Jodi hid under the table.

Jodi checks to see if it's safe to come out yet

Jodi conned Stephen into switching shoes with her, and then she wouldn't give him his back. So Stephen went around wearing WOMEN'S SHOES!!!!! (No, I don't know why I find that so disproportionately amusing.)

Stephen Jones was telling me about how at his old school he would get chairs and sit on the dance floor. I thought that sounded like the coolest thing ever done by man, so we got some chairs and sat on the dance floor.

It was really funny because we couldn't shove our way through with the chairs, so we just sort of sat on a corner of it, and scooted back whenever room appeared. Eventually we noticed that people were frightened of us, and would not dance within a six foot radius of us. So of course we would just scoot in, and they'd have to back up even further. Soon we had half the dancefloor cleared. The butt of the quad is like 20 feet above a parking lot, and we were hoping to shove them all over the cliff into the parking lot. Actually we would only need to shove one, and the others would jump.

Another empty dancefloor picture

Some guy Stephen knew kept asking us to move, and they were discussing it, until finally the guy came up with something Stephen couldn't think of anything to say in responce to. Unwilling to admit this, he just muttered gibberish, and the guy asked him what he'd said a couple times. Eventually he gave up and just nodded in agreement because he didn't feel like asking again. That made us kind of nervous that teachers would come and try to put a stop to our coolness, so we ran away as fast as we could, leaving the chairs there. After we'd returned to where we'd been hanging out previous to the whole incident, we saw two teachers walking away from the dance floor, carrying chairs over their heads.

In the continuing Chronicles Of The Chair, upon exiting the dancefloor, we were soon struck by boredom again. Seeking to alleviate this condition, we cleared a space on the table where the free food was, and put a chair up there. Later we realized a group of four or five teachers who knew who we were had been watching us the whole time. We didn't get in trouble or anything, it was just funny that they didn't ask us to stop or anything. My mom said they were probably all liquored up.

This is as we were leaving homecoming

On the way out we saw the Freshman float.

Stephen forgot to arrange a ride home, so he wound up at my house.