Halloween 1999


Karl Balch

Kelly Brown

Natalie Brown

John Bruckner

Michael Burkeheart

Joe Castiglione

Patrick Condon

Lia Corrales

Joe Freshman Devlin

Rory Dowd

Annie Dunlop

Gonzolo Eyzaguirre

Robyn Frazar

Paul Greene

Ashley Jenks

Jessie Jones

Stephen Jones

Shannon Kelsey

Katie Labertew

Dan Leake

Jess MacDonald

Shannon O'Dell

Katie Rice

Kelly Schwartze

Meghann Sweeney


Natasha Yeakey

My math teacher

Joe Castiglione in his pottery class (I'm guessing)

Dan Leake looking away from the camera

Tod Chee and Rene Navarro

Shannon and Karl (note Sarah Ponder in pink in the background)

A bunch of yearbook homies

A bunch of loser homies

At lunch Three Simple Words played

I was gonna take a cool picture, but then some dumb-fuck, wasted lump of human flesh football player got his ugly crotch in the way. A pox on football players!

Getting set up

Continuing to get set up

Curtis. I don't think I've ever even talked to Curtis, but for some reason, I think this is just about the coolest I have taken in a hella long time.


Karl was looking at the camera until about .00003 seconds before I took the picture.

Jessie took these two pictures of Lina Selinas' younger sister (whose name escapes me...seems to me it starts with an "m"). She is in my spanish class

I don't know why Jessie wanted picture of her. She made sort of a big deal out of it.

Natalie with her shirt off

Shannon with hers on

A nice view of Shannon's genitals

This cool halloween set up we had in the front entry

I like this one because as a result of the angle the camera was at, you can sort of see the objects' reflections on the table

My cat

My neighabors pumpkin

My neighabors standing around

Another pumpkin from tha hood, G

Loaned by Natalie Brown
Coaster kids

A bunch of homies

Meghann Sweeney

This is me with Mr. Cat. I drew a moustache on myself that day, but it had for the most part faded by the time this picture was taken. So using my advanced computer skills, I have placed one on myself

Natalie tries unsuccessfully to take a picture of herself

Natalie gothic

Natalie the smiling goth (?)

Help yourself to a heaping stack of the New Testament!

Shannon O'Dell. And my foot.

Stephen Jones

KJ Coop

Loaned by Rene Navarro
Rene dressed up like a woman

The Navarro family, including Rene and his brother dressed up as women