I hadn't really given any thought to attending graduation, but a few minutes before the College of Arts and Humanties' graduation was scheduled to start, I ran into Jon, who was walking this semester. I thought about how we sat next to eachother at our high school graduation, and how I wondered if four years later we would sit next to eachother as we graduated from Humboldt, or if we would even still be friends. A year later than I'd originally envisioned, we were both leaving - only one of us with a diploma - I got weepy and decided I had to be there to watch him graduate.

CCAT (and maybe some other organization) collects caps and gowns to loan out for $10. The book store sells them for $70.

I ran into John trying to get people to sign the graduation pledge.

I sat there.

The student who was selected to give the speech spoke about the current state of the world, the erosion of our civil liberties, and how Bush is the devil, to thunderous applause. Somebody off to my left sort of rolled his eyes, "Only in Humboldt."

There he is!

After this the line wraps around again to get to the person giving out the diplomas. Just as Jon approached the person, they sent across another row of graduates, so I got several good pictures of people walking in front of Jon getting his diploma.

Now that Jon has graduated, here comes Josh with the English Department.

Jon has returned to his seat right next to the photographer pit.

Also in the English Department, Aaron.

Later, I asked him how he liked his graduation, and he said "It was boring." I think this picture captures that sentiment.

Jon finally sees me crouched in the photographer pit.

Goddamn it Other Josh! Turn around!

Good work