Going away/birthday party


Josh and I were both planning to throw ourselves going away parties. And inviting the same people. On the same day. Three days before Sierra's birthday. That's how KJ and Josh's Going Away and Sierra's Birthday And Maybe Other Stuff Party came about.

Josh made Sierra a cake.

It wasn't as phallic as it looks.

The good thing about inviting vegans to your birthday party is that you know they won't want any of your cake.

Later in the evening Shail and Sean stopped by and passed out invitations to their wedding reception. Sean, who I'd met here and there, but never really spoken to, gave me a wedgie. After he realized how badly it had weirded me out, he apoligized, which was unnecessary but appreciated. I just didn't know what to make of a virtual stranger reaching into my pants and grabbing my underwear.

One guess says I tried to take a picture of Noelle.

I don't remember what Rosie came from that she was so dressed up for, but she looked nice.

And now she is blind!

This picture would be real cute, except that we all look awful.

If I hadn't been warned that Sean was a touchy-sort prior to this evening, I would have been really weirded out by all this.