Gay Pride Parade


Quicksilver likes to help me type. And look! There's someone's blurry LiveJournal icon in the background! I think it's Karen.

Yay! Gay pride and the protesters! Eric brought it to my attention that the one who does most of the speaking looks like a toad. We dubbed him Toady, and I made what I believe to be his first fan page on the internet, containing some of his greatest hits.

He didn't do much speaking this year, instead handing the bullhorn over to his underlings most of the time. They were completely unintelligable. In that they were just mumbling into the microphone. Although I'm sure whatever they thought they were saying was equally unintelligible.

Budweiser salutes the real heros: It's customers.

I originally took a picture of the All Saints Episcopal float because I thought it was the All Saints I attended, but it wasn't.

Incidentally, the first time fellow former All Sainter Alexana sent me to their web page, it was like a blast of 1994, right in the face. I don't think I'd seen that plaid in 10 years.

(On the "Student's page", an anonymous Third Grader's writes "I like all of the activities because I am the school type of boy.")

Some kind float passed out this little frisbies full of candy.

Look! There's Kristin! I hollered, but she didn't hear me.

Oooh! The swim team! Toady reminded them that soon they'll be "swimming in a lake of fire!" It's nice to have something to look forward to.

During times like these, Toady likes to yell, "Booorrrriinng!"

For the curious, 1 Samuel 15:3, "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass."

I find it amusing that the back of that "Trust Jesus" sign says "Fear God"

Oooh! A wind twirly-thing!

PFLAG is always my favorite part of the parade, and I always feel goddamn sappy admitting that.

A realator went by, with all the different people representing different neighborhoods. You can't really see Hillcrest, but it was still kinda cool.

I got stamped! The mark of the beast!

I took this picture to remind myself to go to this web site to see if perhaps they were hiring. As of today, the web page consists of a large Flash god knows what (I hate Flash. I refuse to download the plugin), and some text matching the background color. I am unimpressed.

But I am pretty impressed with her hairdo.

Pay no attention to the little man driving the float!

Completely mirrored. Even over the windows.

I wish I'd caught the front of whatever this was.

The Christians did not like that sign at all.

The gay superbowl! Yay!

Gay country?

The guy standing next to me was hooting and hollerin' at the girl driving this truck, yelling this about "I'm a lesbian in really good drag!" Who gooes to a gay pride parade to pick up the opposite sex? Honestly.

He wan't all bad. After a while of The Unintelligables speaking, he started yelling, "Bring back the fat guy!" It was hard to tell how Toady felt about this. He almost looked pleased, but then he turned away as if to hide a smile. Further chanting of "Fat guy!" had no affect on him. When he eventually did take the bullhorn, he recieved thunderous applause.

Eric is in this picture. Or at least the top of his head is. My mom and I didn't know if he wanted us to wake him, so we let him sleep, figuring we'd call him in a little while. This was right after we'd called him.

Is that really something you should be admitting in public?

Eric and I love it.

Protesting the continuing war.

If you're in San Diego, you ought to go.

I love their outfits. I think they were the Gay Aztecs or something.

They squirted the crowd with water in any event. I didn't really mind, until Eric said something about the squirt guns possibly being filled with piss.

I love her outfit.

The aforementioned obnoxious guy next to me, on the other side of the clapping guy, really loved this float. I honestly did not intend to get a picture of her ass. I was aiming for the nearly topless woman on the float. Woo nearly topless women!

Bryan Barton's running for 53rd district of congress. I didn't hear a damn word he said, all I know is that is an awesome way to campaign

It's the teacher's union!

Oh dear.

Hey, what's the hold up?

Parade, where are you?

That right! It's time once again for the annual "Rich's Float Breakdown" right before it gets on the bridge! Yay!

Alright now, whenever you're ready.

Look! Here it comes!

Everybody got off and pushed. No, really.

A group of cheerleaders came along and did a cheer for the angry Christians. I wish I could tell you they said something clever, but alas, it was one of The Unintelligible's speaking.

I almost deleted this picture, but then I kept it, because I liked the expression made by the guy second farthest to the right.

Ooh! Naked man!

It's over. I left my mom and Eric to go over and get some better pictures of the God Goons. I had wanted to talk to them, to ask them if they go to other parades, or if they have day jobs or anything, but the police weren't letting people speak to them.

And here they are.

This guy was not associated with them, and I was thus able to speak with him. He was already talking to some other people, so I had to wait around for a while.

My mom and Eric, waiting paitently for me waiting to talk to the lone protester.

Oh Toady! Swoon!

The other side of the lone Protester's sign.

After the people who are sort of pictured left, I got to speak with him. He knew some of the Toady's guys, but didn't know what they did with themselves beside this. He seemed scared of the people he was talking to, and looked at the ground when he spoke. I asked him what brought him here, and he said something about "There are an awful lot of confused people out there." He was startlingly nice and seemed genuinely concerned about people. Personally, I think he was the most confused person there. I see no "God Abhors You" sandwich boards in his future.

Oh Toady, we must leave you, but we'll see you next year!

Some neighbor's had a party aftewards. I don't know if they intentionally planned for it to coincide the the parade or not, but it did.

Eric and I got burnt to a crisp. We looked like lobster people. Which left us really confused, because we were only out in the sun for like an hour and a half, whereas when we had the yard sale in Ohio, we were in the sun for 12 hours, and got no sunburn.