Assorted doings from Febuary 2004


The view from the library.

What's that bright light???

It must have been a UFO.

Not sure why I took this picture

I found this both amusing and a little disturbing.

Playing camera-mirror games. Acting like I don't see the camera. That model in the foreground is my teeth before braces, incidentally.

My teeth were defective, so I had to have them surgically corrected. The surgery I was initially scheduled to have was a mandibular advancement. To simulate what it would look like, my surgeon suggested I just move my jaw forward. This is normal.

And this is jaw-forward.

And this is just me being a dumbass.

Incidentally, they wound up moving the upper jaw instead of the lower, so I look the same as I always have, which is what I wanted. A week or so after I'd had the surgery I went into my mom's office, and the lady she works with said, "You look like Chelsea Clinton!"

My beautiful room in beautiful Colony Inn

I don't remember whether or not I was doing something funny with my jaw in this picture.

And this is the gross "Mystery Stain" that mysteriously appeared while I was away in San Diego for the weekend. People who see this picture try to tell me it was rust, but that's bull. A patch of rust that size doesn't just appear out of nowhere overnight.

I didn't shower for 3 weeks because I decided I would rather move out than clean it up. But then I saw that I was responsible for the cleanliness of the bathroom whenever I moved out (eventhough it was a shared bathroom!), so I just broke down and cleaned it. And if you're still thinking it was rust, I can tell you that rust does not wash off that easily, nor does it smell like that.