The Eureka town hall meeting about the Ecohostel


This kitty was frequenting my apartment complex for a while. I was tempted to take him with me when I moved, but I didn't see him.

Every Christmas they decorate the roundabout, and I can never remember whether the tree is there year-round and they just decorate it, or if they bring the whole tree. Considering that it's February now, I really should know, but I don't.

The town hall meeting was packed. Standing room only, and even then, there were people standing outside. The vast majority were there to speak on the Ecohostel, and of the 36 people who spoke, 28 were in favor of the Ecohostel, 6 preferred the conventional hotel, and 2 didn't like either one of them.

Foot! (I don't know why I took this. Probably on accident.)

Tatton in person...

and on TV!

CCAT brought two car-loads of people to speak in favor of the hostel.

I don't know what this lady said, I was busy looking at her dog.

Gerard spoke.

Around 10, after like 3 hours of discussing the issue, there were still people waiting to speak. They called a special session on December 20 to continue the discussion. I was unable to attend, but they decided to give that particular plot of land to the hotel, but found another one for the ecohostel. I've heard this piece of land is better, but I think that's just people taking lemons and making lemonade. They expect to have it build in 3 years. Time will tell.