Drive by shootings


What a special thing to leave in the middle of the street.


Heading North toward Arcata. Don't remember why.

These signs always have the wrong speed. Every time I come by here with my mom, she looks at it, looks at the speedometer, and goes "I think your speedometer's broken." and every time I tell her that there's no correlation between my speed and the number on the sign. Needless to say I'm not giong 00 miles per hour in this picture.

The left lane here is for people who want to go 65. The right lane is for people who will happily go 50 all the way to the Oregon border.

There is no lane for people who like to go 80.

End daylight headlight section

Hey stupid! Check your headlights!

Humboldt State! Woo!

On the fringe of campus.

This is once again headed south to Arcata, although clearly on another day. What the hell is that on my windshield?

The car dealership carosel! Yay!