Blurry drama pictures

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For some reason, I am incapable of holding a camera still during drama. Only like five pictures I took weren't blurry. For this reason, this page is also available with thumbnails.

These three pictures also appear in the misc section:

  1. Dan and Ryan
  2. Rory Dowd
  3. Ryan LaPlant
Rory with a Frito in his nose.

Joe Castiglione is a cowboy!

Dan and friends. I like how Joe has appears in the background, snearing. As usual, the scanned version of this picture does not do it justice

We saw a rainbow before one of the shows. It was sickeningly cheerful.

Rory Dowdovitch: old, Russian peasant woman

All Ryan wants for Christmas is braces (note: yeah, they're fake)

Rory at Carl's Jr.

Driven insane by the supreme boredom that is running crew, Alejandra chews on her wrist, desperate for some form of entertainment.

Shannon Kelsey and her bitches.

The photographers thought they had us cornered, but little did they know that a seeminly insignificant member of the running crew had a camera of her own

Paul Greene, and the chick who played his wife. This is an absurdly small picture.

They gave out varsity letters after closing night

I'm sorry Shannon, but I couldn't resist making you look like a sinister old man


I was going around taking picture, and came across Sam, and took his picture of him with his eyes closed.

Paul Greene

After opening night I think, or before or something, everyone went to Dennies

I felt so sorry for our waitress: About fifty really loud kids come in all at once, each one wanting service NOW

I think I would have quit on the spot. At one point our waitress spilled a drink all over somebody. A couple minutes later we look over, and two other waitresses were balling her out, and they all looked exactly alike. It was very alarming.

It was kind of creepy, three identical people standing in a circle.

None of these captions have had anything to do with the pictures. I don't know most of the people in the pictures, I just took many because I was in a good mood, and I wanted to remember it, eventhoug I don't think being at Dennies had a lot to do with hit.

Mike and Dan are green. I didn't even have to fuck with the coloring on this picture. It just turned out this way

More people I don't know, yay.

Mike Burke wanted to be on the web site, so I took this picture, which may be the coolest one I've taken since that picture of Paul Greene in front of the trolley. When one comes across such a cool picture, one can't help but have some fun with it...

...blown up
...blown up and turned blue
...blown up and turned green
...blown up and turned red