Drag Racing


I was supposed to meet Josh and Tracy at 5 at the May Day festivities to go watch drag racing, but I left the May Day festivities early because I was in a mood. They didn't get my message about the new meeting place, so we got kind of a late start on the drag racing.

When we got there, we had to sign a waver to get in. Everybody had these fancy "Samoa Drag Racing" sweatshirts, and I wondered who I'd have to sleep with to get one.

Note: The timestamps one some of these pictures could be off, because I'm still using Josh Not Pictured Here's camera. I think I adjusted it to be close enough, but I don't know that it's accurate to the second. In case anyone else is anal enough to care about that sort of thing.

There were a couple cop cars just kind of hanging around. You can imagine our surprise when it pulled up to race.

And the cop loses. Later, one of the motorcycle cops raced. What we really wanted to see was cop on motorcycle vs cop in sedan.

This car call's itself Rodger's Rat. Some annoying kid (age 8?) who was sitting next to us for god knows what reason kept screaming "RODDIE RAT! RODDIE RAT!" I was pleased when that race was over. Much to my chagrin, he kept yelling it long after the car was out of view. It made me wish he would choke on his tongue and die.

What a long, narrow car. Apparently, it was in a class of its own.

I was real envious of the lady in the blue sweatshirt's hair. Josh and Tracy were apparently grossed out by it, but if I could get my hair to grow that long, I would.

This may have been the previously alluded to motorcycle cop vs sedan. I don't remember who won.

Looks like the motorcycle won, cop or not.

Check out the badass cut Who got on his eye going in the moshpit with his glasses on. After this I took to calling him Anakin.

Josh and Tracy go get a better look at the action. Meanwhile Who and I are kind of bored, and getting hungry, and plot to see if there's any way we can politely suggest leaving.

We're watching you!

Josh looks like such a visionary in this picture.

Turned out Tracy and Josh were plotting the same thing we were when we weren't around. I don't remember who finally mentioned it, but we all felt kind of stupid for not having mentioned it earler.

Look who we should run into. I was faster on the draw with my camera than he was, and now he has been blinded.

As it happened, Chris and his date wound up sitting in the booth directly behind Josh. We threw sugar packets back and forth, evesdropped on eachother's conversations and generally behaved like unsupervised children.

Apparently Josh didn't see Chris enter with a lady. When he heard a female voice, he realized we might be embarassing him with our juvenile behavior, and suggested we cut it out.

Josh is more merciful than I am.

I don't know if this inspired the telling of The Sugarwater Story, or if it was done in its honor, but I did tell it for the first time ever. It's an Eric story, and I normally don't let anyone but him tell it, but since it didn't look like he'd be coming back to Arcata before I left, I went ahead and risked of a subpar telling.

It's an extra special treat.