Del Mar Fair


As a last act before my surgery, Eric and I went to the Del Mar Fair. First thing we did was ride the tilt-a-whirl. Attempts to photograph were met with limited sucess.

This is better, because we're not twirling in circles.

Waiting for the ride to start, la de da de da

He loves his that he looks like he just came out of Devil's Advocate.


Oh, alright.

We're moving! We're moving!

On the carousel!


This is probably the last picture taken of me before my surgery.

Not so much.

Oh, or not. I have to say I kind of like this picture though,

These pictures look like they're straight out of a dream or something.

They're coming for us!

They're getting away!

Missed his face completely. That's the Eureka sweater, incidentally.

And of course the obligitory strip of pictures.

Afterwards we stumbled accross Bud's goodbye present to the San Diego community.

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