Computing Science Club meeting


Alex modified my previous message slightly.

I don't remember what this was at all.

Because it was the last meeting of the year, and my last meeting ever, we held elections for officers. The meeting before, we realized we needed three of four officers to re-register the club, and we had none. Begrudgingly Josh agreed to be President, so Josh agreed to be Vice President, which is funny, because it's a total reversal of this year's Josh heirarchy. After we held elections, we went to find their former and again fearless leader.

I insisted the officers so far get together for a picture. All they need now is a secretary and treasurer, preferrably named Josh.

Later that day, John gave his talk on Ruby for the programming languages class. Eventhough I'd dropped the class, I attended as a show of moral support.

Josh and I sat in the back and passed notes like badasses.