Computing Science Club


Something tells me this was the day we had the discussion about the cock and balls operator.

John, Josh E and I had recently taken a test, and we mere mortals wanted to know the solution to a problem written in SmallTalk. Josh E started to write something along the lines of "variable := stuff", when Josh D looked up and proclaimed, "SmallTalk uses the cock and balls operator?" This lead to a discussion of building a programming language which will use 8==D as the equality operator in addition to having assorted sadistic quirks. John gave it the perfect name: SmallCock.

As usual, Tracy and Josh followed me to my office hours at Campus Recycling. Jo, the ROSE Coordinator, had recently invested in a cart to haul stuff about. We decided we were stuff, and went to go take it for a test run.

I printed this one up and hung it on my wall.

That lady does not value her life!

The journey down

in two parts

It was about this time I hopped on the lower level and Josh pushed us both back to Campus Recycling. Unfortunately, that left no one to take pictures.