Computing Science Club: T-Shirt Design Edition


So, we were sitting around talking about how the t-shirt contest was sort of a flop, and all the designs were kind of lame. I mentioned something Ed had said to me the other day, "What would Sharon Tuttle think?" and how that would make a pretty good slogan. One thing led to another, and pretty soon we had our t-shirt. Thanks to John's ever-present laptop, he was able to design it on the spot.

The back of the finished design. A couple changes have been made since, but you get the idea.

As it happened, Sharon's Python class was getting out about then on the other wing of the building, so we all trudged over there to show it to her and get her permission to use it. As we're all trying to cram into this little staircase, someone said something about "packs of Computering Science students, roaming the halls".

She was looking the other way as we all filed in, and when she turned to see all of us standing there, grinning intently, she got this "uh-oh." this look on her face.

The moment of truth:

John and Rob were overjoyed.

Michael his from the camera.

Eli was just a little bit too tall to be seen in this picture.

There we go.

As we approached the department office on our way out, there arose a cry of "Show Craig! Show Craig!" I think he loved it even more than Sharon did.

Michael still doesn't want to be seen here.