Computing Science Club meeting and other stuff


On my way to the CSC meeting, I ran into Bart solar cooking.

We were in a different room. Josh and Lauren were there early.

Ed eventually arrived. I don't remember what he was smirking about.

At some point there was talk of making signs for an event, which we dumped on John. He asked what they should say, and a little voice told me to say something vulgar, so I suggested "Suck cock" There was a moment when it looked like he was taking me seriously. Then Ed started laughing, and I was relieved, because I was already pictuing John suing me for sexual harassment and emotional damages. Anyway, it's become something of a catch phrase.

The face me made was similar to that.

The high schoolers scorn John for playing Linkin Park, "I thought I left all the Linkin Park kids behind at the high school," said Mitchell, left.

Ed doing his yet to be famed dance looking for wireless signal. It's somewhere on ytmnd too, but hell if I can find it.

Oooh! Lesibans!

After the meeting, in class with Mitchell. He's in high school and he's already taken more college math than I have. Whether that says something good about him or scornful about me, I'm not sure.

And Chris is there too. All the cool kids are in this math class.