The Crotch Puppets' day out.


Andrew and Ryan.

Andrew and Brad.

Brian, Ryan and Joe outside Hooters.

Ryan and Brad inside Hooters.

Brad doing Cupface.

Everybody, taken by one of the Hooters girls.

Brandon and Ryan.

Pat, Ryan and Brad.

John and Ryan.

Everybody with the Hooters girls, taken by the manager.

Brian, demonstrating how smoking causes impotence

Danno attempted to drive his vehicle over a dune. He got stuck.

Everybody got up and pushed Danno down.

Joe, wearing little woman shorts found in Brandon's vehicle.

John, beating up on Joe.

Joe jet skiing.


Brian's vehicle.


Joe and Bradford.

At some point, the Crotch Puppets ran into some kid who schooled with us, but he was dumb. He and Joe both had mustangs. Naturally they raced.

Joe won! YAY JOE!

The story according to Ryan: "Andrew was riding in Joe's car to go home, and as they left, John put his hand through the window and slapped Andrew's face (not hard, but a few pats). Joe stopped the car, and Andrew chased John around and eventually got him on the ground. Here, he's helping John up"

This was Ryan, Brad and soembody whose identity I've forgotten outside F St. Needless to say, it didn't turn out.

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