Caroline, a very thin cracker, and craft store excitement


I don't even remember what Caroline and I did on this particular evening, but towards the end we decided to have a photoshoot.

Perhaps this was not the best lighting.

If this picture looks familiar, perhaps I can venture a guess as to why.

For Christmas, somebody gave my mom a fruitbasket containing a box that claimed to contain "The world's smallest cracker!" One such cracker is depicted finding its way into Eric's belly.

That's one thin cracker.


I hope that when I die, someone will make cheap merchandise with my face emblazoned over a picture of my death.

They were selling some big wine glasses at the craft store.

For scale, here is my fist.

I took about 8 pictures (but am only exposing you to one; see how much better I've gotten?) of this package of stickers. It's mostly happy faces, but two in every nine (top left orange and yellow diagonally below) were fretting. I found that rather amusing.