Kitties and a trip to a craft store


She was playing with the socks, but stopped as soon as I got my camera out.

She's humoring me, but her heart obviously isn't in it.

We got these weird gelatinous, apparently fishy tasting, balls from the Asian market. Since none of the people in the house who opted to try them were terribly impressed, we gave one to the cat. She wasn't impressed either.

But it does match her coat.

Yawn? Meow?

This struck me as funny for some reason.

As did a bag full of babies.

This mask also doubles as a cake pan.

Yarn that looks like worms!

Precious! It's our favorite word to abuse.

Eric was looking to learn how to crochet, but all the books are written in some sort of secret language. For example:

"Rnd 1: Ch 5, dc in 5th ch from hk. (ch 1, dc) 6 times in same sp. Ch 1, join with sl st in 4th ch from beg Ch 5. Do not turn. (8 dc) <Right Side>"

(The main page of the site from which that was taken asks, "Is Jesus Christ your personal savior?" Learn how to crochet and be saved all at the very same time!)

This is a big box of bathroom tissue. Here is my foot, for scale. We wondered if it originally contained many small rolls, or just one really big one.

They put the final "e" in the wrong place.

Driving around late at night! Woo!

(No idea why I took all these pictures)

I intended to say something along the lines of "They should have Harry Potter Party" but it came out "Harry Potty Parter"

Albino asparagus resembling little white penises.

We were not fast enough to avoid attending the Harry Potty Party line.