Congratulations Kristin and Danielle Arzaga


The Madison graduating class of 2000
The Madison graduating class of 2000, as if you didn't get enough the first time. Danielle, although two years younger than Kristin, also graduated this year thanks to a proficeny test. She didn't get to take part in the ceremony however because she doesn't have 4 years worth of credits.

Danielle, her mother and grandmother

Kristin and Jeremy

This is actually from a couple days before when I went out to dinner with these kids and their mom. It was cool.
Danielle chews with her whole head

This is Danielle, Kristi, and a chick whose name I can't remember, but whose boobs were described as "gimongous" or something to that effect. I'm sure she loves being identified that way.

This is at the meal afterwards. It wasn't really dinner and it wasn't really lunch. But it was food. And good food. Anyway, Dani and Kristi.

Kristi with flowers.

Kristin with money

The happy grads