CCAT Retreat


Sitting around the first night, getting ready to cook dinner.


Pat, with his awesome light, chopping vegetables.

Weird deformo tomato

From another angle

Zach's tent sprung legs!

And there's his other end.

Erin loves it.

When we all went to sleep, it was pretty clear, so a lot of people slept under the stars. About 5 AM it started raining. Several people wandered around half-asleep looking for shelter. Sara slept under this tarp

Rosie, Erin (as seen above), Shirine and I were in Pat's tent.

We were rather amused by this half-trailer. And the presence of a door.

Pat and his tent.

Starting a fire.


Because it might start raining again, Glenn began erecting a shelter.

The rest of us finished eating breakfast.

Glenn taking a tour of his almost finished work.

Meanwhile, the rest of us got started on lunch.

Food I can't eat. Yum.

Check last night's remaining beans and beets in the background.

Corey and Zekiel were kind enough to let us camp out on their property. Corey's wife, Terry, is our new Office Manager.

Rosie and I love self-portraits.

I believe there were "Vroom vroom!" type sounds that went along with this activity.


Cat runs to Glenn, but didn't wnat anything to do with me.

Frisbee ensued.

Tree-ground frizbee.

Zach, leading streaching activities.

Some weird hand game I didn't follow at all.

Eight out of ten retreating CCAT'ers are in this picture. Noelle and I are not.

I think those are Noelle's arms, though.

Back at the camp site, we expiramented with new and exciting food ideas, like applesauce and peanut butter sandwiches, and Sara's daring adventure with peanut butter with chocolate chips and beans. She said it was pretty good, but, "In the end, I think chocolate, peanut butter and beans are all best on their own."

Once it was a little drier out, we started another fire.

Standing on the warm rocks.

I don't remember what exactly was going on during and just prior to this picture, but it appears to involve the words, "Get it off! Get it off!"

Shortly after this fiasco, Rosie and I left to go collect Bell, who was just getting off of work.


Which means only one thing: Dinner!

Now, there are 11 of us. We are all much happier now that Bell is around. While at the Co-op, I took it upon myself to see that we had enough junk food. We stocked up on marshmellows, cookies and graham crackers and with the already present chocolate, had vegan smores.