CCAT Potluck


In honor of CCAT's last potluck for this academic year, Josh spent all day slaving away over a cob oven making pizza. As assistant Outreach Coordinator, he made the poster in which he drew a little man taking pizza out of a cob oven. I overheard Noelle say something to him about, "So, if you're the one making pizza, is that you?" This newfound knowledge compelled me to steal a copy of the flier to put on the internet next to Josh's picture. Then I put my scanner in storage and lost the paper in the shuffle of moving 800 miles.

Josh fought with a hill on his skateboard and the hill won.

All hope is not lost! It is Josh's self-portrait while baking pizza!

Zach, your head appears to have twinkling lights in this picture. You may want to get that looked at.

Max and Tatton took the CCAT tandem bike down to Safeway, but when they emerged from the store, it had been stolen.

I don't remember who I gave the camera to.

I have no face!

I definitely did not take this one.

Or this one.

I told the Sugarwater story again. Noelle, Josh, Erin and Sierra loved it.