CCAT potluck


Who made sushi for the potluck. It made him real popular, eventhough he didn't stick around to socialize. Until I was helping him cut it, I never realized how phallic roll of sushi felt.

Glenn and Krystal disagree about who gets the last piece of avacado roll.

Kristal showed us a dance she learned in her African dance class.

Shirine gave Erin a beautiful hairdo.

Inspired, Sierra got to work on Rosie's hair.

Aaron, Sierra, Rosie, Sam, Megan and I went for a walk out in the redwoods. We were doing some sort of hand thing ("Go [noun]!" perhaps?), when I warned them that I would blind them, hence the flinching.

Back at CCAT, Brendan showed everybody his favorite game: Rat Race. We returned to a discussion about environmentalism and economics.

I never realized Zach was an amputee

At one point in the evening, a bunch of us were playing a game called Big Booty, which involved clapping one's hands and slapping one's thighs. I returned home to find that perhaps my thights did not appreciate it as much as the rest of me did.