CCAT potluck, Liz's birthday, and other stuff


Tatton sang Violent Femmes. Maybe not in this picture, or at this potluck, but at some point, he did.

I love this. It's too blurry to read (this picture is more to remind me to tell the story than for you to look at), but it's a list of all the various file types that are blocked from the network because they carry rabid virii. Then at the bottom there's a hand-written note about how to circumvent the security and send your virus anyway.

If this were any other issue, I'd probably be in favor of stickin' it to The Man, but I have to agree with him on this point. I'm becoming such a square in my old age.

Deer! Just outside Eureka.

This is over by that bridge that goes from Samoa to Eureka. You know how just before you get to Eureka, there's an offramp? This is that.

I met up with Rosie and Karen at the Co-op. You can't really see it (again, the picture's a reminder for me), but there was this baby wearing the top portion of a dinosaur costume, so that it looked like he had spikes on his head. I don't even like children, but I think that's pretty awesome.

Rosie and I, at Liz's party. We were crammed in one of those bowl chairs in the corner of the room. Chris walked in (front door being on the opposite side of the room), and we yelled and waved, but he just did not see us. It wasn't even that loud. Then he somehow left without our notice.

Liz, the birthday girl, is the dark mass in the center.