Blurry CCAT potluck pictures


CCAT's potlucks are the first Friday of every month. They're not nomrally this blurry.

Glenn's just thrilled to be here.


Ahhh! Not only is the kitchen packed, it's psychedelic.

Ellie feels the same way.

No idea.

Glenn and Krystal and some other people were involved in a sing along.

I suspect that's Noelle. She doesn't like having her picture taken, so she'll be thrilled that this one turned out this way.

Krystal with Ajay in the background. This was the first time I'd actually met him, but we'd been corresponding via e-mail for like a month.

Rosie made chocolate cake.

The person in the middle seems to have seen the movie described in "The Ring."

I'm so thrilled. Tatton doesn't want anything to do with this picture.

For reasons I don't remember, the final cake-making step was pouring boiling water over the batter. It made it frostingy or something, if I recall.



Pat and Garrett (pictured in nose only), discussing something I've long since forgotten.

There he is.

After taking this guy's picture, he wanted to take mine.


I smell, apparently.

What they're all doing I don't know. I don't think I'd know even if it weren't blurry.


That's what they were all doing. Good thing I finally turned on my flash. Ellie wants no part in it.

Guys whose name I don't remember but who is in my mythology class and lives in Rosie's old house giving Rosie a piggie back ride.

Shirine's thrilled to be playing 3 musical insturments at once.

Noelle, again escaping the camera by standing still.

Totally unrelatedly, my car hitting 160,000 miles.